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Membership Fees & How To Pay

SUBHC Season 2022/23 Fees

We have always striven to provide the fairest and best value hockey for all potential members. One of the key limiting factors was the administration, we have endured too many examples of chasing fees or even writing them off.

We are very pleased to announce that, following a successful trial in summer league, we will be adopting the Teamo app throughout the club this season. Teamo has an embedded payment system which has the flexibility for us to put together what we believe is a very fair and competitive set of payment options which are detailed below.

You can download Teamo from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Sign up SUBHC's Teamo via this link.

Match fee model:




Upfront model:









Stand in fees:






Summer league and friendlies:





* Cup games chargeable at the same match fee as league games

**Assumes 22 game season (most divisions have 12 teams hence 22)

How to pay:

The initial fee/full up front fee is to paid by BACs payment to the club account:



Sort code: 30-97-51

Account number: 00260708

Match fees are paid via the Teamo app.

If you have any queries regarding anything to do with payment, please contact our Treasurer, Dave Denver at

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