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Bankers Pre-Season Schedule 2020

Hockey is very much back at Norton!

Thursday 27th August- start of training

  • Men’s 3-7s, 7-8pm

  • P squad, 8-9pm

  • Ladies, 9-10pm

Saturday 29th August

  • Men’s intraclub x2

  • Ladies intraclub

Tuesday 1st September- start of Tuesday training.

  • Men’s 3-7s, 8-9:30

Thursday 3rd September

  • P squad, 7-8:30

  • Ladies, 8:30-10

Saturday 5th September

  • P squad vs West Bridgedord

  • Men’s 3/4 vs Rotherham

  • Men’s 5/6/7 vs Rotherham

  • Ladies 1s semi final vs Guildford

  • Ladies 2/3/4 vs Staveley

Tuesday 8th September - training continues

Thursday 10th September - training continues (subject to result of semi final)

Saturday 12th September - Friendlies vs Hallam

  • P squad

  • Men’s 3/4

  • Men’s 5/6/7

  • Ladies

Sunday 13th September- final if successful!

Tuesday 15th September and Thursday 17th September - Training continues

Saturday 19th September

  • Start of league for P squad and ladies 1s

  • Ladies friendly v Phoenix

  • Intraclub


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