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Track and Trace - Important for ALL players


1. Familiarise yourself with the England Hockey guidelines for returning to play

2. Sign the England hockey participation agreement before the first session

3. Fill out our track and trace form before every session

England Hockey guidelines:


Watch this video summarising what will be expected of you when you attend a hockey session

These rules are for your own safety and for the safety of others. The club reserves the right to take disciplinary action in the event that rules are not followed. If you have any concerns that other players are not following these guidelines, please let the covid-19 officer, your captain, or another member of committee know.

England Hockey participation agreement:

Before you can play hockey, you must sign an England Hockey participation agreement. By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to adhere to the England hockey and government guidance. This only needs to be completed once and will last for the whole season. Before signing, you should consider your own personal health including any underlying health conditions, or other factors which may increase your risk of covid-19. If you have any concerns about returning hockey, please contact the covid-19 officer, your captain, or another member of the committee.

Follow this link for the EH participation agreement

Track and trace:

You must self-screen for covid-19 symptoms before every session and complete a google form (linked below) for every session you attend - for track and trace purposes. This includes filling out the form more than once on one day if you are attending more than one session that day, so you may want to save this link for ease of completion. Please complete this form before the start of the session once you have arrived.

We are working hard to keep to all guidelines and will update them as required.


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